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Sonic Alert HomeAware Baby Cry Sound Signaler Kit - HA360SSBCK2.1

The HomeAware™ HA360SSBC transmitter is designed to alert you to the sound of a baby crying. This transmitter alerts you through the HomeAware™ Main unit and remote receivers located in other rooms.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the Baby Cry detector. There are three levels to choose from: The HI setting is the most sensitive setting and will alert you to more sounds. Moving this switch to MED makes it less sensitive and will alert you to less sound. The LO setting is the least sensitive. If you are not picking up the sound you need to be alerted to, simply move the sensitivity switch to a higher setting. If you have set this setting to HI and you are still not picking up the sound try moving the transmitter closer to the source sound.

When a sound is detected it will send a signal to the HomeAware™ base unit and all HomeAware™ remote receivers, also the red LED light will flash on the front of the unit.

One Year Warranty 

**Requires the Sonic Alert HomeAware System to operate.

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HomeAware Baby Cry Transmitter Setup

Sonic Alert HA360SSBCK

Sonic Alert

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